Sunday, 23 August 2009

Buddhism - no Bossy Bits.

My 12 year old is fascinated by Buddhism so every Tuesday I take him to an introduction to meditation meeting in Bristol. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the buddhist "ministers" (for want of a better word! What are they? Not monks but ordained) are lovely and respectful and treat him like an intelligent human being. He meditates on generating loving kindness for 1/2 hour and then there is a talk on some aspect of buddhism. He listens intensely and sits perfectly still. He loves it because it is "Christianity with the bossy bits taken out"
I am finding it a great experience too and am benefiting from the atmosphere and concentration on goodness. Filling the world with loving kindness is not a bad aim and it seems to work. A couple of days ago my husband ate the last walnut whip. I had being eyeing it up all day but delayed gratification until the Channel 4 News. 2 minutes to 7 I shot down to the kitchen - but gone! Outrageous. But instead of sitting on the sofa in a sulky mood I found myself trying to send vibes of kindness - not bad for a beginner.
Some of my Christian friends are worried about his exploring - I can't see why. Any desire to find out our spiritual nature has to be a good thing and Buddhism generates a beautiful and calm environment. He has stopped fretting so much about how far down his bottom he can pull his trousers and has set up a small meditation corner in his room. Wonderful.

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