Tuesday, 8 September 2009

City of Angels

Pat Clarke is inspirational, he has worked with the street children of Sao Paulo for over 33 years, built an arts centre, a pastoral centre and a countryside retreat. He works with them, not imposing, not coming in with solutions, but walks alongside the families who live in conditions we find it hard to imagine. A woman who visited the arts centre, where the children learn to draw, paint, make ceramics etc, described the visit as bieng in a state of grace.

What will happen when these extraordinary men of God die out? No one is coming up behind to take their place. Pat is a Holy Ghost Father, the rag pickers of the Church he told me - we go where no one else wants to go - and said with not a trace of arrogance. He is true to his calling - not many of us would chose to spend our lives surrounded by open sewers, rats and gangs with guns.

The children are allowed to see the inspirational side of life, paint, draw, listen to music - and he also takes them out to a countryside retreat place he managed to buy called The City of Angels.
Here children can be children, experience peace, space, nature and learn about the natural
world. What Pat is doing is wonderful. If you can help keep this going by sending a donation please do.

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