Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pioneering Woman and Talented Girls

Last week I had the honour of giving the keynote speech at the Loreto Grammar School for Girls centenary event. Here is a copy of the speech.

Mary Ward was the founder and inspiration of the Loreto schools which are now all round the world. She lived in the 17th Century but was light years ahead of her time. She was passionate about the education and development of women - horror. She was imprisoned by the Inquisition for her heretical views and Pope Urban V111 forced her to abandon her plans and order. She died when all she had worked for had been disbanded - but still hoped her vision would come to be. Her followers carried on her dream of "no half measures, no half women" - and that was evident from the night in Manchester.

We had a wonderful concert, singing, dancing and soloist performances. The girls were truly inspirational. Well done Loreto, what you are doing is very important.

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