Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Vegans, Veggies, Crickets, the Planet

Have a listen to this:

Cricket Chanting!

Crickets are supposed to live about 1/6th the length of time of humans so someone decided to slow down their sound by 1/6th, put real-time crickets over the top and have created an eerie, spooky, ethereal cricket choir. It was used as a back-drop to Buddhist chanting at a weekend course I did recently with my son. Not at all sure what I made of the combination of ommms and crickets, but the weekend itself was wonderful.

It ticked SO many right-on boxes. We drove in our mini camper van (1 tick) to Glastonbury (at least 2 ticks) to do a weekend of Buddhist meditation (again at least 2 ticks) and vegan cooking (4 ticks). The weather was glorious, the views stunning, the people lovely and the food so delicious.

Buddhist meditation is very calming and focused and I love the addition of bells and drums and rattly things or whatever else anyone can pick up. I'm surprised at the adoration of a statue of a goddess though - I thought Buddhism was all about no gods? Being a Christian I used the time to pray and soaked in the lovely atmosphere of reverence and goodness.

We had a really fun time learning how to cook with Jane Easton who is a great lady, passionate about food, veganism and Buddhism. Her personality spreads energy and can-do.

Here is the website of Compassion in the Kitchen. Join up and get cooking.

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