Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Moon Music

This poem was sent to me by a friend who saw it set to music and performed to raise money for Amnesty International.

First they came with wonder in their eyes
Falling about like children taking their first steps.
Then they came with greed in their hearts
And blasted that pale inviolate face
Made visible through borrowed light.
They have gouged out the old man’s eyes;
Tears glisten in his empty sockets.

Weep lover weep
They have robbed you of your solace.
Weep poet weep
They have killed your Muse.
Weep mankind weep
They have taken away your dreams.

In the name of a partial truth
They have turned you into a tool
A second earth
Another desolation, another desecration
A new way to wealth
A new path to power.

Leela Hort

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