Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sunday Service from Windsor

Vedic Dancer

Last Sunday Service on Radio 4 was from our Many Heavens, One Earth - Faith and the Environment event. The music you can hear at first is from Shesh Besh, an Israeli/Jewish/Christian ensemble and their music is wonderful. Hope you enjoy it, it was a truly inspirational celebration that took place in the Waterloo Chamber in Windsor Castle.

For all the pictures - which are great - go to the ARC Windsor Event website.

The celebration was the central part of the 2 day event whcih invited faiths around the world to commit to long term plans to help change our relationship with nature. The celebration section was designed as pure art and spectacle, allowing people time to think and marvel, not just worry and make plans. It looked at the whole span of time from the beginning of time itself through to the burgeoning of life to the crisis we are now experiencing right through to the restoration of harmony.

Prince Philip and Ban Ki Moon were present

At each stage a different faith either danced, sang, chanted or ritualised their beliefs about our relationship with nature. Shinto priests clapped and bowed to the spirits of nature around us, a Vedic dancer danced the beginning of time itself, a Persian group sang from The Conference of the Birds and a full-throated, bigger than life gospel choir sang about the crucifixion from the point of view of the tree of the cross (The Dream of the Rood) and the Canticle of the Creatures.

Conference of the Birds

Audience in Waterloo Chamber

March to the Castle


Gospel Choir from Baltimore

Daoist Monks

Sikh Prayer

Shinto Ritual

Sally Magnussen was the Narrator

A Buddhist Monk and an American Baptist

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