Thursday, 17 December 2009

Happy Christmas from Nature


  1. Hi Mary,
    Made a comment and then lost it somehow so this may be duplicated! Just visited Chris Sperring's Blog
    I am impressed by your presentation and content. Great Blog , great photos and video clips.
    I was sent the video clip before Christmas and put it on my Blog. After a day or so it struck me that not everyone might like to see animals shown in this way so took it off again. I tried to find it on the Breathing Spaces web site but couldn't see it so have left it off. This is not a criticism just a comment. Did you have any doubts about it.

  2. Hi David, thanks for this comment. I didn't have any doubts because it is meant in such a good spirit and everyone who has seen it loves the humour. Sometimes I think "natural history" can be too earnest and can lack fun, so it struck me as a happy, well meant, good-hearted piece that appeals to all ages. And the message is sound. Thanks for you comments about the blog, really good to hear you like it. Will follow you, keen to know what the Levels are doing.