Friday, 5 March 2010

The Months of January and February

Its been a strange and busy couple of months - including one of my sons getting appendicitis! - hence no posts for a while. But here are some of the things worth noting.

I went with my sister to see an amazing ballet - I still don't quite know what I make of it, but it was certainly beautiful, entertaining and powerful. Matthew Bourne's Swan lake. It is famous for its all male troupe of swans and the captivating relationship between the main male lead swan and the prince. Really beautiful piece of theatre.

As a ballet to see if you think you might not like ballet - it is amazing. Even the ballet experts must agree it has a power and beauty that is often missing from the traditional tutus - love that as I do.

I've also started working on a major series for BBC Radio 4 on biodiversity. It is fascinating and I hope you'll catch some of the series which starts in the first week of April. Its called Saving Species.

My husband went to N Japan, to the island of Hokkaido, to record whooper swans, sea eagles and red-crowned cranes and bought back some beautiful pictures. The squirrel is delightful.

Last week I won Gold and Silver at the Christian Broadcasting Council Awards for Best Internet programmes - which was great. prisoner and the Budgerigar got Gold and A Christmas Robin got Silver. Judges comments:

Gold: ‘The Budgerigar and the Prisoner’
I loved the way this feature took people who are usually marginalised by society (a prison inmate), and humanised him by simply letting him speak for himself: Simple but effective, and very moving.
Silver: A Christmas Robin
A pleasant, easy listen, with great use of sound effects and outdoor recording that made you feel as if you were out in a field bird-watching. The way in which it combined a natural history lesson with the Christmas message and spiritual reflection is also commendable. Nice music too.

Barnoness Caroline Cox giving awards

I have an article in this edition of Justice Magazine - Haiti and the Earthquake.

This coming week I'm finishing the long over-due podcast on Baby P, I'll post it when I can. harrowing to make but I'm glad I did it.

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