Sunday, 11 July 2010

Broken Spirit

No one can feel satisfaction at the suicide of Raoul Moat, it strikes me as a tragedy from beginning to end - with a Shakespearean tragic ending. Moat stands as a symbol of what can happen when the human spirit, which is destined for greatness, becomes desperate, broken and distorted by who knows what. All any of us can do is pray for his victims, their families, his family and for Moat himself.

A lovely religious sister I know cried in her car when she heard the news, weeping for him, the people he killed and injured and for society as a whole. This type of thing happens all over the world, many times, but concentrating on just one incidence focuses us on what can be for some a desperate world where goodness has simply disappeared.

Like Derek Bird and others who seem to go crazy and see no way out, it is easy to despise and to say thank god they are gone. But I just feel deep sadness for everyone involved - it must have been - and still is for those left to recover - a living hell.

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