Friday, 11 March 2011

Different approaches

I've recently been treating myself to a culture fest (my friend Hannah is so impressed by my even listening to Front Row podcasts). I saw Brian Friel's new play Faith Healer, eventually got round to The King's Speech and last night a rather bizarre short play called Muscle by Tom Wainwright. I have also read, at friends' recommendations Death Comes For The Archbishop (Willa Cather) and Brooklyn (Colm Toibin) - all in some way about unconditional love but in very different guises. They also seek to explain redemption, which along with love are the topics most plays/books/art and films explore - and although redemption isn't a word in common usage maybe it will have its day once more. What are the modern terms that anyone will understand that have that meaning? Religious terminology seems outdated and off putting - but it is still in everyone's thoughts. And unconditional love, not rosy romantic love - is gripping in whatever language, faith or culture it is espoused.

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