Wednesday, 16 November 2011

People and Wildlife - A Shared Earth - BBC Recording

If anyone can come to a recording of a BBC Radio 4 programme on Monday 28th Nov in Bristol, 6-9 pm that would be great.  It is free and everyone welcome.

The programme will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Dec 23rd in the "Any Questions" slot at 20.00 and repeated on Dec 24th.  The theme of the debate is how an increasing human population is or will affect the natural world - can billions of people really coexist with wildlife and wilderness? As the world population grows is it inevitable that we will see more degradation of nature and a reduction in species?  Does this really matter?

The team of experts discussing how to share the planet are:
Vandana Shiva an independent environmentalist from India
Professor Aubrey Manning, professor emeritus from Edinburgh University and an animal behaviourist.  He is also a patron on Population Matters
Professor Jacqui McGlade, Head of the European Environment Agency and advisor to the Gaia Foundation
Professor Paul Bates from the geography Dept of Bristol University, a water specialist

The evening will have film clips as well as a panel discussion - and 2 guest performers, a poet, Miles Chambers and a writer AL Kennedy.

We hear a lot about how environmental issues like lack of water, depletion of resources, climate change etc will effect US - but what about the effects on the others we share this planet with, the plants, insects, mammals, fish. reptiles etc?

All these are great speakers and I am sure will contribute to an otherwise very human centred debate.

If you want a ticket please go to this link to order one.

Brett Westwood is chairing, described by the Guardian as Radio 4's chirpiest presenter and a tonic on a dreary day!

I'm producing, so come up and say hello.

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