Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Life With...on Radio 4 26th-30th March

Phil Wilkins - Insects

Have a listen all week next week between 13.45 and 14.00 to my series interviewing people who are passionate about wildlife - A Life With....  The series kicks off on Monday with Dr Phil Wilkins who is mad about insects.

On Tuesday we take a trip to a waterway in Essex with water vole warrior Darren Tansley.

Darren Tansley - Water Voles

Then on Wednesday we take a dip in the sea to find British corals with Keith Hiscock.

Keith Hiscock - Coral specialist

Thursday it is discovering the miniature world of mosses and liverworts with Sam Bosenquet.

Sam Bosenquet - Mosses and Liverworts

Friday it is the lovely bubbly and very passionate (about seals) Sue Sayer.

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