Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Swifts are soaring

There's been some great news about people taking up the request to put swift boxes on churches or religious buildings.  

My article appeared in The Tablet and was called Holy Birds of the Heavens.
Holy Birds of the Heaven : Tablet 21 April 2012
St Albans putting up swift boxes

 St Albans got on with it straight away as they already had scaffolding on the roof.

St Beuno's

St Beuno's in N Wales - the Jesuit retreat house featured in The Big Silence - are just about to put up two boxes and will send pictures when they do.

The Churches Conservation Trust have also agreed to put up swift boxes in suitable places - they have 341 churches that might work!  They are in the process of getting a plan together so I'll keep you posted.

There has also been interest from Bristol Cathedral - so watch this space for swift updates.

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