Sunday, 19 May 2013

Vanessa Feltz Show - Pause For Thought

From Weedsworth website (

Broadcast May 2013

"Glory is such a great word.  Glory Be!  My granny used to say when something surprised her – or she was pretending to be amazed.  Every Sunday we say Glory to the Father, or Glory be to God.  Angels seemed to say “glory” a lot whilst floating over shepherds.  It's a word little used outside religion and war because its so …big.  It conjures up a mixture of greatness, bright shining, magnificence, splendour and so on, so its understandable there are not that many things that deserve it.

Strange then that it is the one word that came into my mind last summer when I was running along a cliff top in Cornwall.  It was early morning and a beautiful day, no one was around.  On my left, far below, the blue sea glistened and on my right a field of wheat shone with a golden hue.  But it wasn’t this scenery that made me utter the word, lovely as it was.  I had to stop to re-tie my shoelace and as I knelt down I spotted, hidden in amongst the wheat stalks down on the ground, tiny little bright red flowers.  They were dotted around, they looked like they barely had the courage to show their faces amongst such golden crops, but they shyly poked out their crimson heads and bobbed, next to the soil.  Scarlett Pimpernel.  What magnificent little flowers, so small yet so breathtakingly beautiful.  Now that is glory, unexpected beauty shining from something so that’s small, so common -  so hidden. It felt like God was smiling at me early that morning, saying hello by sprinkling some jewels to sparkle and delight.  Good morning God, I said back, thank you for your glory."

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