Friday, 1 August 2014

Malta bird hunt

A quick update.  I've been in touch with Steve Micklewright from Birdlife Malta re the spring hunt of migrating birds.  He says the Catholic Church there is still "sitting on the fence" but hopes that "as the referendum approaches we hope that they will be able to make a clear statement."  He also thinks they are embarrassed by the bizarre firing of guns from the top of a church to celebrate the patron saint of hunting  - firing blanks into the sky at birds.   What an extraordinary state of affairs.  It really does echo my thoughts given in the National Justice and Peace talk recently (see previous blog for text) that the Church so often is afraid to rock the boat and can't decide what it really thinks about nature.  This is such an obvious issue to lead from the front and I really am at a loss to understand the reticence.  Keep going Birdlife Malta.

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