Tuesday, 21 October 2014

John Muir Book

It arrived today, waiting for me when I got home.  Don't know what to say about it.  I pick it up and leaf through and want to rewrite every sentence.  But there it is.  If it helps anyone get to know John Muir better then I will be happy.


  1. Mary! I had never heard of JM... Picked up book at Books & Books... Don't change a single sentence!!! I'm in love!!!!THANKS

  2. Thanks Margaret, I really appreciate that.

    1. Mary, I'm passing on word of your book to all loved ones, and will order books to go with the words; the more I read, the more delighted I am. Thank you so much. I was very blessed just now as I mentioned your book to my son, to learn that he already knew of John. I just found out that my own dad RIP, tools my sons to Muir's Woods, on a wonderful trek through western US a couple of years before he died. So, my father is smilin as now the joke's on me, and I get to envision them enjoying the joy of JM's wild places...where's the movie?! THX AGAIN, and again, Mar

  3. Wonderful! Thanks Margaret, let's hope word about Muir spreads. I'm so glad you are drawn to Muir.