Saturday, 30 May 2009

Feel Good Saturday

Everyone is hooked on Britain's Got Talent, I personally can't stand that feeling you get when you squirm with embarrassment for someone who is obviously short of the mark, I have to leave the room.  But when you do see those incredibly talented people stand up and stand out it really does make me smile.  We've been boxed in by A -List celebrities for so long and when only a handful of people that get all the attention it can seem like everyone else is second rate, dull and uninteresting.  Many of the people who take part seem so self effacing, which just adds to it. But what BGT and its ilk show is that there is a wealth of creative and talented people out there who are just as worthy of our appreciation.  And it helps put in perspective that life isn't just about financial crisis, climate change and crooked MPs, we can sing, dance, be daft and have fun as well.    So good luck tonight - you should all win.

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