Monday, 1 June 2009

Dancing, peas and pots

Hmmm, might be changing my mind a bit about BGT.  I agree with the Today programme this morning that this can pitch people into such high stress situations that it can be too much, and there is no back-up.  The person who I felt most sorry for was the young dancer Aidan Davis.  He tried so hard, did 3 different acts, 2 in a very short space of time with no help - and Simon Cowell still criticized him!  Oh well, that is TV for you.  Onto lighter things - like peas!

The beautiful weather brought out the first 2 pea pods on my young son's plants in grow bags on the patio.  Such excitement! (They are there - honest).

And I like the fact there is a small buddha keeping watch over things.

And the first holly hock buds, and the lupins are starting to flower.  he is beside himself with excitement and anticipation.

So it was a feel good Saturday after all.

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