Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Boxing Vicar Double Gold

Brian Branche - Boxing Vicar

The Boxing Vicar - my series of 3 short podcasts, has won Gold at both the Christian Broadcasting Awards and the New York Radio Festival Awards. Thanks to CTVC for helping fund this.

Brian's story is fascinating and ties together two very different strands. Boxing gave him self respect, courage and the ability to suss out people's motives - all were needed in his challenging parishes in London where he often faced very difficult situations. In these programmes Brian talks about how the skills he needed in the boxing ring helped him in his spiritual life.

Eddie Copeland - Boxing Trainer

Eddie Copeland is a boxing coach who talks about the psychology of boxing and he coaches Chris Healy pictured below - a NW amateur boxing champion.

Chris Healey - NW Amateur boxing champion

When I went to record the programme at the Bradbury Stockport Boxing Gym near Stockport I was very touched by the people there, every single person was so warm, welcoming, thoughtful and kind. Here is a video of Chris winning a recent competition, Eddie is the coach.

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