Friday, 10 June 2011

Support from Tony Juniper for GCSE

Tony Juniper has blogged my idea about a GCSE in natural history in The Guardian after we chatted about it recently, which is great. Not sure how to move it forwards so any ideas...


  1. Hi Mary,
    Where can I see your outline on the natural history GCSE course idea?
    We started a monthly series of meetings to learn about botany from the point of view of wild flower identification and its been a great success for two years now. I see no reason why we cant set up a Natural History series. I need a qualified person with teaching experience and a desire to pass on their knowledge living near Langport in Somerset. I'm going to start looking!
    Best wishes,

  2. Wow this is a great idea....needs to be done.
    A start might be getting in touch with an exam board. This would feed well into foundation and degree courses in FE and HE! Might be able to help with writing the course once you know what needs to be done.

  3. Thanks David and Sue - I am now finding some time to push it forwards so will keep you posted.