Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What do Windsurfing and St Francis have in Common?

Not much really other than I have made 2 short films recently about them. The first is Peter France reading The Canticle of the Creatures and I put some of my shots to it. I made it for the ARC event which is happening in October - the launch of the Green Pilgrim City Network.

The other is a short, fun film about the T15 windsurfing competition which was held on Axbridge Reservoir in Somerset earlier this month - my son is a windsurfer. It is going into a competition about loving sailing so fingers crossed I win a mac book - I very desperately need one, my sturdy old faithful is collapsing.


  1. Cool - I was completely addicted to Windsurfing for about 10 years... Had to go live in the Gobi, about as far from the sea as possible, to do cold turkey and get on with life! Not sure I got on that much!!!

  2. Hello! Nice to meet up with you over the ether. Dom my son loves it. Are you back now? Come down the the west country and surf!