Saturday, 5 November 2011

Weathering the Cardinal's Storm.

I seem to have been snowed under recently which is no excuse, so sorry for neglecting this blog.

 I'm determined to catch up with what's been going on however so to begin with:

Cardinal George Pell
In this week's The Tablet (4th November 2011) is a response to Cardinal George Pell's lecture at Westimnster Cathedral Hall on October 26th challenging climate change science. The worst case of clericalism I have seen. Being a Cardinal does not give you the right to promulgate private opinions on science. All he is doing is causing confusion and concern and mixing messages about something he can know very little about.  The line of the Vatican is that climate change is real and of great concern for all of humanity, so why take an entirely different stance?  On what possible grounds does the Cardinal have authority on this subject?

I wonder why he is fighting this battle? Even if privately he is a sceptic, why bother to argue the science when he is no scientist? Why not concentrate on promoting right living and the correct relationship with nature, which will take care of all environmental problems? That can only be a good thing, and something that a Cardinal can do well and with authority.  Pronouncing on climate change science is not.  But I fear Pell is too human centred, too right wing and too proud to think this way, his focus is on economic progress no matter what to bring about relief of poverty. A mistaken and dangerous belief.

Put down your sword Cardinal, whatever way yo look at it all you are doing is causing division.  The confusion and anger from the people in the audience working with those suffering from environmental change was obvious.  But I am not surprised no media picked this talk up, it isn't news, just a case of clericalism run wild.

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