Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Voices behind the Photograph - podcasts on Bloody Sunday

Bogside Artists' mural of Bishop Daly, Jackie Duddy and others on a wall in the Bogside where the shooting happened.

Yesterday - 30th January - was the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.  I made two trips to Derry to interview victim's families, people who were there and people who became involved in violence. It was an emotional roller coaster.  Thanks to CTVC for supporting this.  They put the interviews on their website Fifth Column, which hosts very interesting and thoughtful podcasts on different issues.

I have also now put them on my own site, do have a listen on the internet productions page.  There are 11 in all.  I talked to the priest who is waving the white handkerchief in this mural, and the sister of the young man they are carrying - who died, 3 people who became activists in the IRA, members of the Protestant community and others.  40 years on they are still moving and astonishing, as well as thought provoking.

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