Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Environmental Education in African Schools

This is a short film I made on a conference I attended on putting environmental education into faith schools - teaching children through their faith about caring for the earth.  It was held by ARC (Alliance of Religions and Conservation).  70-80% of schools in Africa are somehow linked to faith institutions - in Kenya 70% of the population is either a Christian or Muslim.  Teaching the next generation about caring for this planet through faith teachings is a very good way of reaching many hearts and minds.

The next film is very short - I made it on the last morning.  Hassan in a teacher in a muslim school on the coast of Kenya.  He is passionate about nature and sees a link between traditional wisdom and Islamic teachings.


  1. This is fab Mary!! Id love to go and assist the people in their work. Do you know if theres any eco things happening within health services over in Kenya? x

  2. I don't but it would be good to encourage eco friendly health care. Have a go and see what you can find out! x