Sunday, 28 October 2012


Its been such a busy month I haven't had time to write, but in summary, I am delighted the Bloody Sunday interviews won god at both the CBC and Jerusalem Awards.  I had a challenging, and yes fun, bootcamp in Scotland with my friend Sue.  Running along the river Don, walking through the hills and spotting a red squirrel and red kite in one day was fab.  As well as a goosander and a hummingbird hawk moth.  I made a hair raising episode of Saving Species which went out live last week, October 23rd, on birds of prey.  The  script was really late, arriving in the studio with 5 mins to go and then it was 5 minutes too long!  Well done to the SS team for keeping cool.

I also did a panel debate with Jonathon Porritt, Mark Dowd and Prof Andrew Dobson - Is God Green? - at Keele University.  It was a really successful evening that was good humored and thoughtful.  I also gave a talk at Bristol's first Unconference, which was good.  I loved the spiritual, biodynamic farmer who was just a little whacky and very engaging.  And I'm now sitting by a cold, windy beach in Sussex while my son does a weekend of freestyle windsurfing.  Brrr, hardly these youthful types (no that isn't him in the picture - but that is what he wants to do!)  But it is a joy to see a large field full of Brent Geese nearby.

I keep trying the find the head space to write a book, bringing together all my thoughts on faith and the environment, but somehow it is a hard struggle, like digging for coal.

So November is nearly hear.  Saving Species again on Tuesday, this time I hope a little more controlled!  Lovely piece on Britain's only migratory bat - the Nathusius Pipistrelle - how cute is that.

Also the largest harvestman ever found in the UK - it turned up in Barnsley of all places, and is an alien.  The mystery is no one knows where it is from!  Its leg span in bigger than an adult male's hand.  So listen in - 11.00 am on Tuesday, Thursday at 9.00.

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