Saturday, 6 October 2012

CBC Awards

I couldn't go sadly but the series of interviews I did for the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday won Gold for best Internet Programme at the CBC Awards last night.  Thanks to CTVC for helping with them.

I wouldn't describe the interviews as religious as such but they explored the thoughts of people who were either directly involved or who suffered because of the legacy.  They include interviews with the ex Commander of the Youth Wing of the IRA, the relatives of victims and Bishop Daly who became famous for waving the white hanky as he  helped carry the body of the 17 year old - Jackie Duddy - who was shot dead.  They were moving and thought provoking.  Amazing it only happened 40 years ago.  You can hear them on the Fifth Column section of CTVC or on my site (which is going to be lovely and new very soon) or on my Soundcloud channel.

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