Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Age Bath Houses

It would be a very good if someone would re-introduce the idea of the old fashioned public bath houses, but in a new guise.  Years ago (Victorian times and further back) anyone could go and have a bath in a public amenity, but as houses got their own bathrooms these fell out of use.  It seems to me that as the population ages there is once again a need for a place where elderly people can go and have private showers/baths in safe, efficient, comfortable places that have all the latest gadgets and aids.  They could even have carers on hand to help - or take their own.

Many homes are not equipped for those that can't move well and it is costly to revamp bathrooms.  It also can detract from the price of a house.  But - lots of people can't get in or out of baths safely and have cramped showers that are dangerously slippery.  If there was a warm, clean, safe, accessible, affordable public amenity that offered private bathrooms to suit people with disabilities or with mobility problems  I am sure it would take off. Kind of like in Japan, but private - we aren't as communal!  Right idea though.

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